Reset your relationship with food.


Are there some foods you wish you wanted to eat less of, and other foods you wish you wanted to eat more?


Do you feel ready to change your health, but don’t know where to start?
Are you confused about what’s actually ‘healthy’? Or do you already know, but you’re not eating that way because it feels like your cravings are in control?

Do you often hear yourself saying that you want to feel better?

Are you sick and tired of using food to soothe your emotions?

Are you uncomfortable in your body and needing to take responsibility for your future health?

If so, you're in the right place. 



Reset your body.

Reset your LIFE.
And eat the way nature intended.

Many health programs are built on rigid requirements and guidelines that must be followed exactly - OR ELSE. We believe this approach teaches people to fear food, instead of helping them choose foods that are both satisfying and nutritionally sound.

WildFit is about focusing on getting more of the good stuff. If you want to enjoy the occasional glass of wine or nibble on cheese, we’ll show you how to do that in a healthy way.

This is not a temporary diet that you hop on and off. WildFit is a lifestyle, intended to make you feel your best without restriction or punishment. Wildfit is about freedom. Only, always, freedom.

My Personal Transformation...

With all that’s changing, one thing I know with certainty is that your health is more important than ever.  It's time to put the healing power of food to work for you.  I know what you're thinking...how do I do that when my relationship with food has had such a sketchy history.  I understand where you're coming from.  

This picture here, yep that's me.  A few years ago I was sick, I had been hospitalized, my anxiety was through the 

roof, I put on tons of weight because of my ridiculously poor eating habits and what's worse, I had to walk away from a dream job! It took me hitting rock bottom, totally filled with fear of my symptoms to take proper responsibility for my health for the first time ever and now I know that it is possible to be so truly and deeply nourished that you have the resiliency and energy to face any challenge that comes your way.   I know this thanks to WildFit®  

Since my personal health transformation with WildFit, it has been my mission to help others rebound from the same burnout I experienced as a touring musician.  WildFit was the best choice for me to learn 100% Virtually, safely and privately from the comfort of home to achieve the amazing health benefits I didn't know I could have.  That is the reason I became a WildFit Coach, It completely turned my health around and I'm convinced also saved my life. 

Eat with your body's natural seasons.

Did you know that your body has a natural season for burning fat (aka: weight loss)? There are four different seasons that all provide an important function for humans, but sadly, most people spend their whole lives stuck in only one of the seasons (and it’s not the fat-burning one).
Can you guess how the body knows when to shift from one season to the next? FOOD.
You don’t need any pills or magical powders.
With WildFit, you’ll learn exactly what each season looks like, and which foods will trigger your shift from one season to the next, depending on your individual health and body goals.

Master your mind.

One of the most important parts of WildFit actually has nothing to do with food - it’s about your mind.

In addition to key nutritional information, WildFit teaches you how to eliminate the need for willpower. Instead of asking you to fight food cravings, WildFit emphasizes modern mindset and behavioral change techniques, that will ultimately eliminate your cravings altogether.

Feeling out of control around certain food items is not a natural human experience. WildFit shows you how to master your thoughts about food so that you are in control of every single food choice.

There are three ways to experience WildFit.

Which option is best for you?

  • 36 training videos led by the founder of WildFit

  • Bonus journal

  • Daily check in forms

  • Online journal and success tracking tools

  • Lifetime access to the complete WildFit Video Program

  • Living WildFit e-book

  • Private Facebook group (with coaching)

  • 13 hours of LIVE coaching with WildFit Coach Tanya Marie

  • Recordings of all LIVE coaching sessions

  • Bonus Graduation Gift

  • Additional 30 days of living WildFit Bonus programming

  • Reg $3000.00 CAD

  • 36 training videos led by the founder of WildFit

  • Daily check in forms

  • Online journal and success tracking tools

  • Lifetime access to the complete WildFit Video Program

  • Living WildFit e-book

  • Private Facebook group (with coaching)

  • 13 hours of LIVE coaching with WildFit Coach Tanya Marie

  • Recordings of all LIVE coaching sessions

  • Bonus 2 x 30 minute private coaching sessions when and if you need it.

  • Reg $1497 CAD

  • 36 training videos led by the founder of WildFit

  • Daily check in forms

  • Online journal and success tracking tools

  • Lifetime access to the complete WildFit Video Program

  • Living WildFit e-book

  • Reg $897 CAD

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This is so much MORE than a nutrition program. WildFit® is also a major personal development journey. You'll walk away with greater clarity about yourself, why you've made the choices you have, and how to create sustainable change in your life (inside AND outside the kitchen).

WildFit focuses exclusively on nutritional choices and food mindset.

You can do WildFit on your own time and your own schedule in the self-study format ~ start next Monday!  The most popular way to do WildFit is by joining my Group Experience Program, and I have classes starting every 4-6 weeks. Or you can opt for personalized 1:1 coaching which includes the 90 day WildFit program and additional private coaching and support.

WildFit is even more powerful when you do the program with your spouse or best friend. It’s easier, and a lot more fun, when everyone is making changes together. Join the 90 day WildFit Challenge with a friend and receive special pricing!

How Your Life Could Look in 90 days

You've developed a taste for healthy food that you thought you couldn't before have.

Getting dressed in minutes as you open your closet and throw on any old thing - because it all fits and it all looks good!

Getting home after an extra long busy day of work and you’re still so full of energy you can play with your kids, complete your extra chores, and even get in a workout.

Your body feeling more calm and pain-free thanks to reduced inflammation.  

You  are more clear minded & focused to master your day!!  And you have more stamina to execute all your brilliant ideas

You have more confidence and walk with awareness and pride at having followed through to invest in your health and well being. 

What the process looks like:

Week 6 - 10: Spring

Based on the WildFit philosophy of seasons, Spring is when most participants notice their body weight stabilizing. Whether your goal is to gain, release, or maintain your weight, these weeks will guide you to your natural equilibrium.

Week 11: Ease Out of Spring

The WildFit methodology is so revolutionary partly because it doesn’t ask you to limit your body to only one way of eating. Our bodies want ebb and flow. This week, you’ll ease out of Deep Spring before...

Week 12: Back into Spring

This week, you’ll transition back into Deep Spring, where your body will be prompted to cleanse and repeat the weight-stabilizing process again.

Week 13: Living WildFit

This week, you’ll take the reins 100%. You’ll decide which season you want to move forward with, and how to continue making food decisions that are empowering and never restrictive.

Week 1: Foundations & Emotional Eating

We begin at the beginning: shifting your food mindset and eating behaviors. Week 1 teaches you why you crave certain foods and hate others. If you’re an emotional eater, you’ll get huge insights here.

Week 2 - 3: Sugar Transition

These two weeks are about releasing your dependency on processed sugars. If you’ve been helpless to your sweet tooth, Weeks 2 and 3 will have those cravings fading fast.

Week 4 - 5: Learning to LOVE The Good Stuff

During these two weeks, you’ll train your body to love eating only whole, unprocessed foods. WildFit is not about shocking your system, which is why every enhancement is gently layered on top of the other. This means you’ll be prepared and ready for each change. This is also when most participants notice that their mood and energy are so significantly improved that they don’t need to rely on caffeine or alcohol like they once did.


Here's a snapshot of WildFit 90

Search no more

WildFit can bring you:

Increased Energy

Improved Sleep


Education on The Food Industry

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fat loss.png
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improved sleep.png
glowing skin.png

Decreased Sugar Cravings

Glowing Skin


The ability to Release Excess Weight

7 Things You Should Know About WildFit:








This is NOT a temporary detox or short-term cleanse.

WildFit is a lifestyle, and WildFit 90 is about spending a dedicated period of time easing your body into this new way of living and eating

You’ll never be hungry. You know those programs that try to teach how to endure deprivation? This is not one of those. You’ll be satisfied every single day.


Our exercise requirements=ZERO. We would never (never!) encourage anyone to not exercise. However, most people think that exercise is the greatest key to changing their body, but it actually isn't. It's almost always about the food you're eating. That's why

WildFit focuses exclusively on nutritional choices and food mindset.


No more "I'll do it someday" WildFit 90 has been intentionally designed as a timed process to help you achieve significant results in 90 days (and in most cases, less!). This program is designed to create change in your life NOW.


We won’t sugarcoat it: This won’t always be easy. Some changes will feel effortless and others will really challenge you. This is why the community and coaching support are so invaluable. You’ll be supported every step.


There are no special foods to purchase. WildFit 90 does not ask you to purchase “special foods” or “energy shakes” to complete the journey. All the foods you’ll be eating can be commonly found at your local supermarket.


This is so much more than a nutrition program. WildFit 90 is also a major personal development journey. You'll walk away with greater clarity about yourself, why you've made the choices you have, and how to create sustainable change in your life (inside and outside the kitchen). 

WildFit 90 Coaching Experience

With Certified Coach Tanya Marie

Is WildFit right for you?

Do you have questions on what option to choose?

On the fence?

Book a free discovery session to learn more.


It’s no accident that over 90% of WildFit 90 participants successfully complete this 90-day program. WildFit 90 has been meticulously created and updated over 10 years of working with thousands of clients.

I firmly believe that WildFit will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, I will be happy to offer you a full refund.

Client Testimonials

"My Wild Fit journey started in early 2019. I was 170 lbs, heavier than I had ever been in my life, I knew I needed a change, a lasting change, not a "diet". 90 days, I lost 30 lb and have kept it off for over a year. I am healthier and have so much energy. I have recently added some light yoga and walking to further improve my overall health and body strength. The greatest influence of the entire program for me was the education on how and why we make the food choices we do as well as learning the powerful influence of a food industry that cares not at all for our health."


~ Gayle Howarth

"I am more fit and I have more energy today than when I was 20.  No need for lifting, surgery or eating a ton of expensive food supplements.  Don’t wait until you’re 20 lbs overweight like I did to take care of your health."


~ Valerie Kervella

After years of trying every fad diet I had given up on dieting and was just trying to eat healthily. However, I was confused by all the conflicting information out there and not really sure what I should be eating. I was introduced to Wildfit by my daughter and I embarked on the 90 day challenge. I did not find it hard, instead it was exciting and liberating and I have felt completely supported every step along the way. I have changed the way I think about food, the way I shop for food and how I feed my family. My body shape has changed and, whereas in the past I would never sit on the beach in a swimming costume, this year I am happy to! I am so grateful to Wildfit for helping me to finally find the best way to eat and live.

~ Caroline