Bench Space

Female powered.

Handcrafted by design.

Made in Canada.

You may be asking yourself why I choose to make meditation benches.  The first reason I give is that I honestly have a need to be creative with my hands.  But the truth, and second reason is that I can't meditate on a soft surface or I just want to roll over and take a nap.  I do like kneeling as it supports comfort in my posture.  Terribly however, my legs and feet start to fall asleep within just minutes.   I had seen meditation benches before and knew that one would be perfect for my posture and comfort during my long intentional meditations.  Soon I decided to make one for myself. 


Meditation is the workout that allows us to cultivate awareness, and ultimately be more present in our lives.  Spending some time in stillness each day allows us to bring this intentional awareness to our daily activities.  When we walk past our desk, we may be reminded of the emails that still need sending. When we walk past the refrigerator, we're reminded to take something out for dinner or add something to the grocery list.  

A well placed and thoughtful ritual as simple as a place you sanctify will amplify your experiences, making meaningful connections to your intentions and heightened awareness of your emotional states.

By ritually creating and using a sacred and comfortable meditation space we will be reminded each time we walk by of our intention to meditate more often.

Feel more grounded and balanced, reduce your anxiety and stresses, improve performance and even boost your immune system by ritualizing your meditation practice.

Create your sacred space and make some new self love rituals.

Our Benches

Each bench is artist crafted by hand.

100% made in Canada.

Canadian Pine.

Removable legs for easy travel.

We keep our environment in mind.

Finished using environmentally friendly Canadian SamaN products.

Minimal packaging.


Bench Space

Limited Editions