Performance Coaching


There are many people whose career or other interests require them to take the stage.  However it's not only Musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs that can benefit from Performance Mindset & Health coaching, but also Writers, dancers, painters, right down to the guy who can't approach his boss for a raise can all benefit from RLA Performance Coaching.  This coaching is about you as the performer, the speaker, the artist, the manager hosting team meetings, training a new performance mindset.  Using the effective techniques shared by RLA, you will learn what is holding you back from freeing your confidence.  

Based on time as a professional international touring musician and 15 years of Entrepreneurial experience, this program was developed with you, the client in mind.

After working with RLA, clients see their presentations and their mindset transform, their anxiety diminished greatly and their confidence dramatically improved.

They know that only by being in the right state will you get the result you want.

Essentially you will learn how to be comfortable being yourself in front of

any audience.  Finally you can start to build and maintain rapport with your audiences in an authentic, empowering way.  

Ready to feel confident in your skin as an artist or presenter?

Note:  Tanya Marie has very limited space in 2020 for new clients.