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Starting Friday May 29th I will be LIVE in our private Facebook Group every day at 11 AM EST, (NEW YORK TIME)!


These 7 steps I'm going to share are the exact blueprint that I believe can lead you to massive success and have a lasting impact on your health.  



You will have an Action Step to complete after each training in our challenge. This workbook will guide you with all of the questions and worksheets you'll need to crush your Action Steps - and potentially win prizes as a result! 


There's never been a more important time to tap into the lessons in this book than RIGHT NOW!  You now have access to the Advantage Toolbox that I created specifically to help you thrive during these uncertain times, by giving you daily needle movers to help you gain inner strength and become a role model for those around you. 


Joining this group and being an active member is a MUST during this challenge. This is where I'll go LIVE for each training and it's where you'll complete your Action Steps! So make sure you join immediately once you receive your invitation by email and start by posting a video introducing yourself to the Start Over Challenge family!  OR

5) Bonus Sugar Free Dessert Recipe Guide

You now have access to the amazing and delicious plant-based Recipe guide.  All of the recipes in this guide are...

1) 100% plant-based, meaning NO animal products

2) based on whole food ingredients, close to how they were in nature

3) free of added sugar, oil and salt (sos-free)

4) gluten-free


6) Bonus Meal plan & Recipe guide

To help super charge your experience.  I have included this deep dive recipe guide to support you on your health journey.


 7) A 30 minute LIVE ZOOM post training Q+A session with me. 

You will get direct access to ask me questions in real time through Zoom! After each live training, I’ll dedicate 30 minutes to answering questions from our Advantage Bundle members.


8)LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire Start Fresh Challenge training series

For non-VIP members, all of our trainings will be permanently deleted from the Facebook Group when our challenge ends. VIP members gain access to all of my trainings, including our extended Q+A sessions, for life! (You will receive all recordings 2 weeks after our challenge ends - My production team will need time to edit before we distribute.)

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