If You Overdid It During Quarantine This Is Your Chance For A Do-over With The Exact Steps You Can Take To Align Yourself To Your Goals And Reset your Relationship with Food Forever...!

The Start Fresh Challenge Is (7) Days Of FREE - LIVE - Interactive Training! It Begins When The Timer Hits 00:00 - Get In Before You Miss Out!

What If This Pandemic And Slowdown Actually Changed Your Life… For The Better?

There’s Probably A Void Or Two In Your Life Right Now. Whether You Love Sports, Church, Traveling, Staying Late At The Office Or Just Going Out With Friends, Life Has Certainly Shifted In Recent Months. 


But What If That Void Actually Opened Up Time To Gain New Capabilities To Become Future Proof, To Create Next Level "Sustainable Health" So You Can Be More In Control.

What If You Spent That Time On Your Own Success And Happiness?


It’s Time To Become An Investigative Reporter & Get Curious About Yourself. 

This Isn’t Just About Starting From Ground Zero… 

This Is About Starting Fresh And Reinventing Yourself So Your Health Can Thrive With Community & Immunity. 

This Too Shall End, So Who Will You Be When It's Over?

What If You Took That Void In Your Life And Spent 7 Days With Me Learning The Exact Capabilities You Need To Make Great Health A Reality - From Home?

No Matter Where You’re Starting, No Matter Your Level Of Experience, No Matter Where Your Health is Now…

What If You Had MORE Freedom, LESS Worry And Truly Felt In Control For The First Time In A Long Time (Maybe Ever)?

This Isn’t A Magical Pill Or A Way To Lose Weight Overnight. You’ll Have To Work For It. But If You Aren’t Going To Spend Time Building The Life You Want NOW, When You Likely Can’t Leave The House Other Than To Get Groceries…Will You Ever?

This Is The Start Over Challenge And If You Accept, You’ll Get Everything I Have To Offer You.  An Entire Week’s Worth Of Live Trainings And Action Steps To Start Making Great Health Real NOW.

Not After The Challenge Is Over, Not Next Month… NOW. 

So… You In?

Learn How I Went From



7 Steps In 7 Days To Start Fresh & Reinvent Yourself By Creating NEXT LEVEL Health.

Plus When You Register, Tanya & Ritual Life Artistry Will Donate $2 On Your Behalf To Nutrition For Learning & You'll Be Entered To Win Daily Prizes & Maybe Even A Full Scholarship To The 90 Day Ritually Wild Health Program! - A Value of $1497


Nutrition for Learning has been a registered charitable organization since 1997. They support community based nutrition programs committed to improving the learning capacity, health and well being of children and youth.
Nutrition For Learning is offering a POP UP FOOD PROGRAM In response to the COVID-19 Closing of SCHOOLS to ensure access of healthy food and snacks for hungry children in school communities who cannot access the normally available student nutrition at schools while they are closed. Nutrition for Learning has responded by delivering food to various school locations to ensure students can continue to be able to access essential nutritious snacks and food items while schools are closed.

If You Join Now You’ll Get FREE Access To: 

My Most Valuable Trainings As I Share Them LIVE Every Day From May 29-June 5th… 
Tanya & Ritual Life Artistry Will Donate $2 To Nutrition For Learning On Your Behalf... 
AND You’ll Get FREE Access To The Start Fresh Challenge Ritual Health Workbook!

"How does this work?"

  • You’ll get invited to a private Facebook Group created just for the Start Fresh Challenge.

  • We’ll go LIVE for 7 straight days. 

  • You’ll also get access to live & pre-event training leading up to our challenge start date on May 29!

  • ​I’ll send you reminders before I go live so you don’t miss out. 

  • ​After every training you’ll have one specific Action Step to complete as part of this challenge. 

  • ​We’ll be giving away prizes from day 2-7 to reward the people who take action on those challenges!

“How do I know this is for me?”

  • Do you have access to the internet?

  • Do you have a phone and a computer?

  • ​Do you want to know how to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle regardless of the circumstances.

  • ​Are you willing to work for it?

  • ​Then this is for you - end of discussion!!

“What will I gain from this?”

You’ll learn the exact 7 step process I would follow if I had to start over, start fresh and reinvent myself and get my health on track right now.

And if you say YES and play full out, by the end you’ll know:

  • Why Diets Don't Work

  • How to shift from diet mentality to a lifestyle mindset  

  • More on food psychology  

  • How to kick the Sugar Monster to the Curb

  • How to crave real, fresh, immune boosting foods

  • How to shop and look for Food Marketing Lies​

  • What foods and tools to stock in your kitchen Pantry

  • How and when to add exercise and movement​

“Why is this free?”

Simply put, I know that more people are in need of an ANSWER right now than ever before... and we felt it was our responsibility to create an unprecedented offer for an unprecedented time. 

I'm giving you this access for FREE to help you emerge from these tough times as a WINNER who has next level Health success so you can serve others and the world by being a Food Leader!!


Accept The FREE Start Fresh Challenge Today!